Population: 1420k
Benvenuti a Tribland
Temp: 25°C
Harnessing potential, fueled by unwavering determination and ambition — these are the cornerstones not only of success but of creating impactful, lasting change. At the heart of Tribland logo, these values are more than just ideals — they are the foundation upon which our consortium of brands Trib Dyno Trek is built.

Starting Tribland and expanding into various sectors is driven by our belief in untapped potential beyond our current achievements. Our enthusiasm for new fields is rooted in the idea that success is fueled by diverse knowledge and experiences, which drives our commitment to innovation and growth. We’re enhancing our companies by integrating advanced technologies like AI and automation, transitioning towards a software-centric enterprise to increase efficiency.

We champion diversity, equity, and inclusion because they foster superior outcomes. Preferring ‘culture add’ to ‘culture fit,’ we value new perspectives that enrich our community. Our commitment to diverse viewpoints fuels creativity and innovation, strengthening our community. At Tribland, we value each individual’s strengths and ambitions, aiming to create an environment where fairness is essential, and everyone feels part of something larger. This philosophy drives our impactful efforts.


Camilla Wänström

Chief Operating Officer

Molly Dieden Bengtsson

Chief Financial Officer

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